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Investor Landscape of the Legal Industry [Infographic]

Update April 22, 2019: 2018-2019 infographic In 2018, we found 1941 individuals and organizations as an investor in companies impacting legal. Who is funding the legal industry? And Why now? The Investor If you kept an eye on the legal industry this year, you may have noticed something brewing. It started with an ICO craze we detailed in February and [...]read more

First Half of 2018 Legal Tech Raised $1.2 Billion in Cash

[update: October 24, 2018]  Added the line graph from the LegalTech Funding Landscape infographic to LegalTech Charts. Two FinTech companies impacting legal are payment providers primarily focused on protecting customer privacy. Their core feature is to process payments anonymously in cryptocurrency or regular payments transactions. The line chart below only displays funding in Legal Tech and Law. The [...]read more

Why CivicTech Is The Most Valuable of Them All?

Recently we celebrated CivicTech by posting 21 initiatives from across the world on the 26th & 27th of October. They are the most valuable of LegalTech and here’s why. What is CivicTech? Steve Balmer wasn't going to donate to charity. He told his wife he paid enough in taxes. As she explained to him, it doesn't [...]read more

Legal Industry Roadmap: How Legal Tech Will Transform Our Lives

Was there a lawyer in the room when Elon Musk decided to unleash Tesla's Autopilot to the masses? A decision to put the lives of heedless humans in the hands of a robot. If there were lawyers in the room, what would they say? If they weren't in the room, why weren't they? To answer these [...]read more