Concept Zepp: Solving Personal, Research, and Social
960 540 Raymond Blijd

“The next big thing needs to be a proactive approach to knowing where data lives and what it means. It needs to include tools to keep data organized and secured regardless of location.” I lifted this quote from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog because it sums up part of Zepp, a concept that I…

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Call My Agent: Evolution In Information Retrieval
772 457 Raymond Blijd

 It is known by many names: Offspring, Magnets, Filters, Bloodhounds  but in theory they can also be called: Agents. My definition: An intelligent application that basically goes and fetches ‘your’ information without you re-entering a query at every instance. Undoubtedly there are other more scientific explanations but for argument’s sake we’ll keep it simple and stick to this one. Now, how can…

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The Dogs of Legal Search: Facts vs Concepts
1024 640 Raymond Blijd

Legal research has passed the crossroads of print or digital and is heading for the next: facts or concepts. But are search engines getting too “easy” to use? Is the “dumbing down” of legal search engines a real threat to the quality of legal research? Bloodhounds As promised in a comment on a previous post,…

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LegalComplex Library: Concept of a Modern Library
1024 458 Raymond Blijd

Awhile back I went on an adventure to uncover the “modern library.” A traditional library is a place the curious roam and discover bundles of meticulously crafted and curated information. Massive wooden bookshelves would instill a sense of awe and ignite a challenge to absorb all hidden wisdom. Then came the Internet and it became…

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Rewards Research, Organizing, and Socializing (R.R.O.S)
960 540 Raymond Blijd

I’ve submitted a concept named RROS in a contest. RROS is based on my notion of knowledge management: the personal kind.

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Apocalypse 2014: the End of Three Mobile Myths
980 431 Raymond Blijd

1. Consumption or Creation? A recent report by usability guru Nielsen on the iPad reiterates a common understanding about the iPad, which is that it’s mostly for media consumption. Email is “the only slight exception to the rule.” This might be true now but it is not a sign of things to come. The main…

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Needles & Magnets: What’s wrong with legal research today?
1024 576 Raymond Blijd

It seems obvious that the current approach to legal research is fundamentally flawed

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Cannibalism and 5 Special FX of Evolution
300 317 Raymond Blijd

Most of what’s happening on the information super highway – at accelerating speeds – is just evolution as genuine as Darwin.

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Did You Just Call Me a ‘Customer’?
300 389 Raymond Blijd

In a business to business market (B2B), we often refer to ‘the Customer’ as the End-user which is not necessarily the case.

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Pleasant Habits vs. Tedious Tasks
300 384 Raymond Blijd

how do you turn it into a solution which gets users away from paper and onto your services?

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Content is King, Search is Queen and Filters Are Their Offspring
1024 557 Raymond Blijd

In a digital space, all content providers fight for user face time which makes it increasingly difficult to be exceptional.

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