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RiskTech: Will This Save The Legal Industry? 1920 975 Raymond Blijd

RiskTech: Will This Save The Legal Industry?

Since 2016, the only sector impacting the legal industry which showed measurable growth of new ventures and funding is RiskTech. So is this the new “LegalTech”?

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How To Find New Legal Technology 2543 1009 Raymond Blijd

How To Find New Legal Technology

Since January the Legal Industry has seen a flurry of maps, meetups, hackathons, awards, and conferences. All these activities are aimed at sizing the market and finding the next big hit. But what are we really looking for? And are we looking in the right place?

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Legalpioneer - Where
Where are Legalpioneers? 2560 1600 Raymond Blijd

Where are Legalpioneers?

March 8th 2017 Legalpioneer celebrated its one year anniversary with a bang ? and launched the second phase of our mission: Legalpioneer Where ?. The first in our ‘W’ trilogy.

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