Finding Deals 2023

One way to find deals is to follow the funding. Funding numbers and charts not only tell us the past, but they also help us project. As stated to Isha of we do not predict, we calculate. Now, we are able to offer something no one else can: projected deals for 2023.

The 2023 deals are projected based on the last funded date and burn rate. Due to the delicate nature of this data, we’ll select a limited set of customers to share this with. We will custom craft ten (10) reports with our famous line charts, last seen on Artificial Lawyer. You pick a segment or area like Legal or Contracts. You get an export with the names and dates of all funding, plus mergers for 2022 and the projected deals for 2023. On top of that, you get to pick over 34 specific charts to generate insights on.

Check out the full analysis here: Funding Legal 2022: A Tale of Three Totals