Perc is a new way to view yourself. A unique mirror which combines your skills, education and experience with your personality and online social presence. It strikes a balance between your quantitative and qualitative self so you can confidently choose your path for self-improvement.


Perc analyzes your résumé and social presence to provide measurements.  These measurements provide the baseline for self-improvements.


Perc presents you with non-judgemental graphs that provide a clear overview of your quantitative and qualitative self. They will stimulate and motivate you.


During the development of Perc a discovery was made: not only does Perc improve your overall knowledge, it will also boost your intuition. Now you can more confidently choose your path of self-improvement by following your intuition.


My name is Raymond Blijd and I am Legalcomplex.

I decided to launch Legalcomplex as a side-project for solving legal and civic issues in unique ways and create beautiful products that make humans smarter.

Legalcomplex is an independent enterprise and the views expressed are my own and unique to me. These views do not reflect the views of any business or person unless mentioned explicitly.