2016 Year in Review: The Bold, The Bots & The Beautiful

2016 Year in Review: The Bold, The Bots & The Beautiful

2016 Year in Review: The Bold, The Bots & The Beautiful 2048 1152 Raymond Blyd

The 2015 year review featured the cool, the beautiful and intelligent. This year I like to honor the bold, the bots, and the beautiful in the legal industry. First some metrics.

Legal Startups

Notable numbers from 2016 as reported in The Hottest Summer & Legal Startups Charts:

  • 40+ average Legal Startups per month;
  • 50+ average Legal Startups per month between August-November;
  • 479 (Jan-Dec, 20) total # of Legal Startups registered this year;
  • The US (244) narrowly outpaced the rest of the World (235);
  • But not in February, March, June and September;
  • Helped by India (53), Canada (42) and..Australia (17);
  • California is by far the most prolific location (39) barely beating New York (35);

[chart id=”3200″]

Legal Tech

Some Legal Tech specifics from 2016:

  • 11 Legal Tech startups from San Francisco make them leaders in 2016, nudging London (9) and New York City (8);
  • 66 number of legal tech startups from the US, subsequently India (22) and Canada (20);
  • Europe, on average (46-28) produced more Legal Tech than any other continent, followed closely by Asia (46-23);
  • 147 total # of Legal Tech startups created in 2016;

[chart id=”4547″]

Other Tech tidbits:


It’s been a crazy year in the LegaLCompleX studio:

While all of the above made me happy, one stood out in terms of community love ❤️.

Future of Law and Why Lawyers May Save Humanity on Slideshare


Now to the awards and the winner of the LegaLCompleX 2016…by popular vote, please…

The Bold: Get Paper

It’s the sheer ambition ?? that I find attractive: replace all legal with tech.

The Bots: Alyen and others

We may need to rethink the design, purpose, and even the names we give robots but they are here to stay.

The Beautiful: PrivaCeee

I won’t apologize for being bias but how can I not nominate my most beautiful creation ?


As we head into 2017, please pause and reflect on the significance of 2016. The year 7-Eleven and Amazon quietly started autonomous deliveries while Uber is forced to pull their autonomous taxi’s. When the Breaking News app shuts down while fake news runs rampant. We said farewell to G.O.A.T., Prince and settle into orange as the new black.

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