What is Legal Research?

What is Legal Research?

What is Legal Research? 1639 557 Raymond Blyd

[update: July 28, 2018]

Download PDF “What is Legal Research”

We added a pdf version which includes 69 links to some of the coolest technology companies in legal research.

[orginal post]

Recently a friend asked us how many legal research portals Legalpioneer has in the dataset. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Well, we have about 163 both private and acquired companies we were able to tag as offering research for legal- or compliance professionals. These are companies founded after 2010 and serve both the Legal or RegTech market. However, this overlaps with the 12 companies offering search on intellectual property filings and especially the 63 in the patents space.

“Naah, not exactly what I meant,” He said.

“Ok, but how about 57 search-engines that can find legal information in corporate documents and contracts or the 36 eDiscovery vendors who perform legal research on non-legal or unstructured documents.”

“Nope, also not what I’m looking for” He answered.

“And the 55 research portals where you can look up legislation and regulation globally in sectors like the automotive or real estate industry.”

“Hmmm, we’re getting close” He acknowledges

“We also have 52 legal analytics companies and bots which use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to offer insights on legal questions” I countered.

“And the ones that monitor government- and parliamentary documents or news that influence lawmakers and therefore the law?”

“May be I just want to punch in a few keywords and have cases or codes pop up…I’ll take it from there”

“…take it where?”

[..to be continued..]

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