2017: Year of Recognition, Records & Reckoning

2017: Year of Recognition, Records & Reckoning

2017: Year of Recognition, Records & Reckoning 1229 691 Raymond Blyd

We’ve witnessed an amazing year.



First some notable numbers from our main platform:

  • 1 Dark mode: go ahead and toggle it, your eyes will be sooo grateful;
  • 2 Charts on LegalTech and Regtech updated every month. I will get to the Law Charts one day;
  • 3 Products launched: Legalpioneer Where, Who (aka Status) and Why (aka Ambition). See our post: Where are Legalpioneers?;
  • 10 Videos and tutorials shipped for Legalcomplex & Legalpioneer Tour. Obviously, @Privaceee is still our favorite;
  • 12 Posts published which includes this one. Hires & Fires was our most popular;
  • 606,309 views across all channels…but who’s counting.


What’s the state of Legal and our Fair Society?

…then we had to take a little break when one of our robots broke down…we’ll survive.


Legalpioneer took most of our mind space but we still wandered into the Garage to unwind and tinker on weirdness.


I’m a curious soul so I will keep doing this for as long as I’m able. Nonetheless, I’m humbled by each retweet, like and view. Therefore I’m especially thankful for the opportunity to share this alternative perspective in a #BakersDozen interview.

You could also imagine my surprise when we landed on the front-page of the biggest newspaper of The Netherlands. I was happy with the fact we could answer the question with analytics, not anecdote. I hope a larger audience has become aware of the importance of LegalTech and it’s role in our society.

The article illustration contained a mini-graph…that is Legalpioneer data!


First, a general overview of some of the records in LegalTech for 2017. You can run each analysis below on our site and see the results instantly.

Legalpioneer Where

LegalTech map:

  • Most startups in one month: January, 17 (75)
  • Top City in LegalTech: London (306). London is tops in three categories:
    • Top in LegalTech startups: 98
    • Top in LegalTech AI startups: 19
    • Top in LegalTech Blockchain startups: 9
  • Top Country in LegalTech: USA (697). The US leads in:
    • Most LegalTech AI startups: 104
    • Most LegalTech Blockchain startups: 21
    • Most Funding: $1.7 Billion (which is 80.6% of all investment in LegalTech startups)

Legalpioneer Status

Tres LP dashboard:

  • Highest seed round in Legal: United Masters ($70 million);
  • Highest total funding in Legal: Kobalt ($805 million);
  • Most valuable Legal market: RiskTech* ($10.9 million average evaluation).

Legalcomplex Charts

Legal Startups Charts:

*Finally, here is one chart to put all of the above in a bit of perspective. Next year, we’ll delve deeper into Regtech and it’s adjacent markets to rationalize the value.

[chart id=”6932″]


I always handpicked the three most remarkable startups of the year based on my 20+ years of experience. Not anymore, I got fired and replaced by a robot. This year, all picks are data-driven. Don’t cry because we’ll always defiantly celebrate the startups on our @Legalpioneer twitter channel. You can follow your heart and like them on Twitter.

Introducing the Eleven startups our math calculated as most ambitious of 2017. They were founded this year and were able to raise money right away. These startups are ranked based on our experimental Ambition algorithm. I ran several scenarios and the formula kept coming back with unusual results and notable absentees like Altruim LTS. Eventually, I surrendered and saved this set since it may offer us a glimpse from beyond what I can see.

We’ll keep tweaking and release special dashboards going back till 2015 to rank startups founded in each year. We’ll also open up about the algorithm…after we figured out how these damn robots work.

LegalTech Eleven


Better yet call it an awakening. We have been awakened by the #MeToo and #NotMe movement on Twitter. That peace and stability are fragile. That we actually have a social contract to give power to a few. In return, we hope that those in power will protect the liberties for all.

And all that seems unethical or immoral, we can develop technology to reckon with it. Not just any tech…LegalTech.

Merry Christmas


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